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Customization website

The website for design customization was published in august 2017. This milestone has been reached punctually according to PRINTODECO Project work plan. It refers to deliverable D-2.3. The website offers three different tools for design customization:

  • The first one is called «be briant!«and it allows changing hue, saturation and brightness to a large selection of high quality patterns.
  • The second one is «go further!«. It makes possible to blend any colour over many different patterns provided by the website.
  • The last one is «customize!«. It has no limits as it allows to upload images and merge then over exiting patterns.

All the tools provided by the new website run over a list of high quality and large dimensions catalogue of designs. Those images are ready to be customized by the customer who just have to select the colour and tone he likes.

The website also provides a personal area to the customer. By means of this area, the user can design and store his creations. In order to reach the personal area, the customer should log in previously. Therefore, he should just provide an email address and verify not being a robot.



The new catalogue of PRINTODECO designs is ready. This new edition includes personalization tools. It makes possible matching industrial products with final customer needs and likes. Moreover, it also makes possible to define exclusive designs and give protagonism to the customer who can define the product directly.

By the moment, the customization tools are offered throughout a catalogue. This means that the customer already has the customization possibilities, but using special software and knowledge is needed. Within the next month’s PRINTODECO will offer that support online, by means of a tool that allows direct customization by the final customer.

The personalization possibilities are based on three different tools to be explained in detail within the next weeks. The first one makes possible to adjust existing patterns by changing Hue, Saturation and Brightness. The second allows to combine a catalogue of textures with any colour to produce new surface designs. The third one blends a catalogue prefab images with images uploaded by the final customer.



Ready to print

PRINTODECO partners have fulfilled their compromise: the Catalogue of “ready to print images” is ready and public. Download it following this link.

Catalogue of “ready to print images” is a 32 pages document. It shows different designs developed during the first months of PRINTODECO. In order to produce the designs, the people involved in the project developed different technologies. Digitalizing real textures, painting from scratch and getting feedback from existing designs.

From wood surfaces to flat colours and original fantasy. The catalogue offers close-up views to the designs, but also 3D renders of kitchens and domestic spaces. By means of PRINTODECO partners collaboration, graphic designers have been able to paint a new product in their PCs allowing furniture makers to render that design on its final use.