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Visiting Mexico

On the first week of November 2017, a technician of SEISTAG visited Mexico. This visit focused on testing the local market for the products coming out from PRINTODECO Project which are based on newness and design.

The Mexican furniture became important activity thanks to the rustic furniture and the American market. The development took advantage of the natural conditions of Mexico, which is a huge country with large natural resources and low labour costs. Moreover, Mexico is very well placed, close to the biggest markets in the world, which are the EEUU. Thanks to this, Mexico reached a prominent position within the international furniture market between the seventies and nineties.

Since then, the furniture industry in Mexico has shown a great deterioration. The traditional furniture business based on the low costs of the Mexican labour force and took advantage of being placed close to North America market. In the context of globalization, those advantages became irrelevant against producers coming from Asia.

During the last decades, the main demand on furniture moved to low price goods, mainly coming from Asia. The local industry sowed down due to the lack of technology, innovation and design added to the globalization of the sector changed the situation. The local industry lost the traditional advantages and therefore its competitiveness. For that reason, the biggest investors changed its preferences towards processes based on raw materials. Meanwhile, the demand for high quality goods, innovative products and exclusive furniture stablished as the new furniture market in Mexico as Asia producers cannot provide that kind of solutions.