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grain matching


Members of SEISTAG involved on PRINTODECO Project visited Vietnam during the first week of March 2017. Many furniture producers are currently moving to this country due to its low salaries. Even the Chinese industry considers Vietnam as an opportunity for industrial development and a place where to invest. Therefore, the local industry grows and new products are more interesting from day to day.

Vietnam is a great market, but it is also young. Therefore, there are many difficulties for new products market introduction. Expedition costs are still high and the local market is very price sensitive. In addition to this, upgrading the technical level of the processes is still a challenge for many existing industries.

Because of the trip, a business opportunity has been recognised around wood surfaces. Matching the grain to fit the furniture components is a value for customers. They face losses due to bad matching. Therefore, they will appreciate a digitally printed board that ensures gain matching at the final furniture.