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Industrial Innovation in Transition

Under the name Industrial Innovation in Transition, IIT is a large research regarding new Innovation schemas in Europe. The first public presentation of the results of that research program took place on 1st June 2017, at the CDTI headquarters in Madrid. CDTI is the Center for Industrial and Technology Development. It is the most relevant Spanish institution in the field of industrial research and innovation.

PRINTODECO partners were invited to share their experience during that presentation of IIT results. SEISTAG was present to explain how the partners get to know one another, and how they move from first contact to strategic partnership. The experience of TORCULO, LOSAN, SEISTAG and LOGISIETE was shown as a example of the results of the Ecosystem of Innovation that has been growing in the North West of Spain during the last years.

The presentation was supported by ZABALA, a leading European Consoulting on Research, Development and Innovation. Important names of that field of activity such as Johan Stierna, from DG Research European Commission; Totti Konnola. General Manager of Insight Foresight Institute; and Francisco Marín, General Manager of CDTI.