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ensuring quality

Ensuring quality

Digital production of melamine boards should accomplish the standard quality of boards produced by means of rotogravure printing. Therefore, a quality control ought to be stablished in two different processes. From one hand, the digital capture of a physical motive should be as good as possible. From the other, the printing should reproduce precisely the colours of the digital motive.

Within the first’s months of 2017, PRINTODECO partners have reached a process for digital capture of physical designs. The process has been developed at lab scale and is suitable for industrial scale up. This is possible thanks to the use of algorithms and rules suitable to any design. Those algorithms and rules might be ran over any design providing a automatically a digital image with high quality and accuracy.

In order to check the accuracy of the process for digital capture, it has been tested under UGRA-FOGRA standards. CIElab coordinates of the original motive and the digital capture have been contrasted. The result is a value for colour deviation “delta e” under 4. The high accuracy added to an automatic workflow makes possible for small melamine board producers to pass from traditional printing to digital printing self-production of designs.