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Natural Materials


The latest trends in kitchen design continue to focus on the use of natural materials: imitations of marble, granite, stone and, of course, wood. It gains strength to combine several natural materials to create effects and visual games and to give relief to certain zones, for example effect of wood with effect of stone marble.

Natural materials are not trendy, they never go out of style. Wood, marble, granite, cement or concrete and even oxides are used in Cocinas.com for modern and avant-garde kitchens, as well as classic or rustic kitchens combining colors, woods or even finishes.

Natural wood can become very expensive and may have imperfections that spoil the aesthetics of our kitchen, for this reason within PRINTODECO they have studied the potential of high technology applied to the classic woods allowing manufacturers of kitchen doors to offer finishes of the highest quality with natural wood look without imperfections and with an excellent quality-price ratio.

LOGISIETE offers personality and sophistication, without forgetting the quality of the kitchen.