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Digitally printed melamine boards would not be possible without the help of high tech SMEs such as Imatia, Inkromatic and Parqueweb. PRINTODECO partners started cooperation with those companies in 2015. They provided technological support and advice based on their prior experience. The collaboration was based on a Research and Development Project boosted by CDTI. CDTI is the Spanish Agency for Industrial and Technological Development.

Imatia is a SME specializes in rapid software development for companies and public administrations. In addition to serving as a basis for customer software development, Imatia offers this technology to companies or departments that want to develop high-quality application, either for internal use or for distribution.

Inkromatic is a SME focused on ink supply and technical support to inkjet printing. They take part in major shows such as CPRINT in Madrid. They are one of the major suppliers in the northwest of Spain.

Parqueweb is a SME developing on purpose software. They have large experience with e-commerce tools. They also provide technical support to PRINTODECO Project. Note that the customization tool of the project was developed with the collaboration of SEISTAG and Parqueweb.

The collaboration with these SMEs helps PRINTODECO to resolve many technological problems and receive qualified support of professionals.