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smarter together


PRINTODECO Partner took place at SMARTER TOGETHER. This is a European Project focused on Sustainable development. The proposal of the Project is to build that Sustainable development on people: in integrated, inclusive societies that develop in partnership and foster dialogue among all parties. The collaboration between PRINTODECO AND SMARTHER TOGETHER is part of the strategy of linking European Projects to reach higher visibility for the actions of the projects.

SMARTER TOGETHER work plan is leader by Munich, Lyon and Vienna that act as lighthouses. It is followed by five other cities such as Santiago, Venice, Sofia, Yokohama and Kiev. The Project fosters user-centric innovation by involving even more people and stakeholders in the co-creation and design of new services and solutions. For that reason, SEISTAG was present at an action focused on co-design that was hold in Santiago de Compostela on Friday, October the 20th. The action was directed by local creatives named cenlitrosmetrocadrado.

PRINTODECO Partners sustain a deep compromise between design and society. The organisations at the consortium aim to boost local industry, sustainable use of natural resources (such as traditional hardwoods) and productive activities characterized by high added value (such as digital printing). Therefore, the participation of the technicians from SEISTAG at SMARTER TOGETHER was part of its compromise with design industry and local communities.