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At Feira do Moble

On September the 20th, two COSME projects at Feira do Moble da Estrada. This is an international meeting on furniture paying special attention to wood industry and design. The presentation took place during the professionals meetings. Those are a series of encounters hold between 19th to 21st. The Technical Director of PRINTODECO Project was in charge of the contents of the encounters.

In addition to PRINTODECO Project, during the encounter it was presented WORTH Project. This is a European Project focused on helping designers and producers to collaborate. The idea caused interest among the community who show interest on participating.

PRINTODECO and WORTH Project were presented along a day dedicated to designers. The meeting counted with the participation of Fermín Blanco, Xulio Turnes and Tamara Vila. They are young talents on design who show different approached to the challenge of innovative wood design.


The partners of the Project know that reaching unexpected results is possible by means of sharing capabilities. That is why four companies decided to collaborate within PRINTODECO Project. Only by means of this collaboration is possible to develop the digital printing applied to melamine boards.

According to this idea, we celebrate the launching of WORTH. This is a Project designed to boost European SMEs. It counts with the support of EASME and COSME Program. It focuses on collaborations between designers, manufacturers and technicians. The objective of that collaboration is to develop innovative products that can reach market successfully.

WORTH will open to public on September the 18th. You can get further information at the website of the project.

In addition to this, we will have the opportunity to get information about the Project on September the 15th. It will be during the Journey on Design and Architecture organised by Cluster da Madeira de Galicia. That date the technical director of PRINTODECO Project will also steer a round table about collaboration between design and industry.