Consortium: Seistag

  • abril 14, 2016

Consortium: Seistag

[vc_row padding_top=»50″][vc_column][grve_single_image image=»202″ margin_bottom=»20″][vc_column_text animation=»fadeInUp»]Seistag is a young company where technical and market knowledge get together. Company´s working field is the cooperation with the industry to develop new business lines through R&D and internationalisation. Therefore, Seistag implements in SME techniques usually applied in big organisations.

The activity of the company focuses on product development and product internationalisation. Therefore, Seistag collaborates with more than 40 companies. The activity refers to developing technical projects, improving products and production lines and boosting R&D processes. Main areas of activity are: ultimate technologies, automatization, product development, new wood applications, adhesives, bio-composites and biofuels.

The capacities of Seistag have grown through shared experiences and common feedback with the companies they work with. Today Seistag is a meeting point for specialists and wood companies in the Northwest of Spain. The national government recognized Seistag as an innovative SME. Moreover, the regional government placed Seistag on the 13th place in the ranking of companies that transform innovation into business.

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