digitally printed wallpaper

  • septiembre 24, 2016

Holland is a market were digital printing has led to innovative offers. For that reason, PRINTODECO staff visited Amsterdam and Brussels between 22 and 23 September. The objective was getting in contact with new products possible thanks to digital printing.

The targeted products were digitally printed wallpaper. The companies to be visited were DROOG and NXLX. Both are Dutch companies that are well known worldwide. By means of this visit, it was possible to have a deeper contact with the product. In addition to this, it was also possible to get a better image of successfully business model and also a clear image of the marketing and commercial strategies.

In both cases, the product offered is a premium quality product. Both of them are also available in the internet. None of the companies considered are producers, and both of them are open to changes and adjustments suggested by the final customer.

Although the two companies follow a similar strategy, there are differences. DROOG is focused on premium product design, has a physical shop and has developed it´s wallpaper because of a collaboration with the Rijksmuseum. Meanwhile NXLX is a company that only offers wallpaper and sales via internet or by means of resellers.