Facing results

  • junio 21, 2018

On Tuesday 2018 the 19th, the Partners of PRINTODECO Project meet at TORCULO facilities in Santiago de Compostela. During the encounter, the four Companies reach decisions on how to finish the work supported by the Program Customer Orientated SMEs from EASME. They reach two main agreements.
From one hand, the Partners agree that the milestones of digital printing service validation has been achieved. Right now, it is possible to choose from a list of references, add customization with different tools and get a piece of furniture produce on demand. The ambition of the service has been sized to a realistic demand, focussing in SMEs rather than on final Customers. This means that a furniture producer can develop a new model easily, wasting less time and resources than before PRINTODECO.
On the other hand, the Consortium members agree to increase the communication and dissemination activity. The Partners agree to provide information on what are the results and how it was made. For this action, they proposed a communication plan based on social webs. It will be mainly developed by TORCULO and LOGISIETE. In addition to this, the Partners will also release a video showing the digital printing service in real environment. This will made understandable how the designer of a SME can create a new pattern and get a kitchen placed at the window screen of its Company in just one week.