General Assembly in Santiago

  • julio 3, 2017


The four Companies of PRINTODECO Project hold a meeting at TORCULO facilities in Santiago de Compostela on 3rd July. During the meeting, TORCULO presented the updated catalogue of decorative surfaces. This document shows “ready to print” images, but it also makes possible customization to the final customer by means of three new personalization tools.

The Consortium agree to publish those personalization tools in the Internet before the ending of summer 2017. This action follows the compromises of the initial work plan of PRINTODECO Project. SEISTAG presented the technical definition of that new and interactive website by showing a prototype of it. By publishing the tools in the internet, the final customers will be able to define unique products and order production directly to the producer.

During the meeting, LOSAN shared information on the technology readiness of digital printing applied to melamine boards. The Company showed possibilities and limitations of the best available technologies using thermoelectric and piezoelectric inkjet. Finally, LOGISIETE presented a draft of the main lines for market research considering the opportunities relate to digitally printed melamine boards.