• diciembre 28, 2017

Thanks to PRINTODECO project, TORCULO and LOGISIETE have worked together to maximize processes synchronization. Both Companies share a highly organized internal organisation. PRINTODECO takes advantage of that background to define a shared workflow, which starts at the orders website.

Both Companies have reached a highly structured workflow, and both ought to renew its offer very often. From one side is TORCULO, which deals with over 100 work orders per day, most of them under 300 €. This stream of low cost work needs a high level of automatization and efficiency to be profitable. For example, TORCULO has made changes into the budgetary tool to be more flexible during PRINTODECO Project.

From the other side LOGISIETE, which delivers its products within the first 24 hours. This is a major commercial value for its customers, but it makes necessary to standardize and manage stocks with a high level of accuracy. During PRINTODECO, execution LOGISIETE has also made improvements into its internal tools, allowing scalability and better communication with customers, providers and third parties.