Meeting in Agolada

  • julio 23, 2017

This year the staff of PRINTODECO Project was present at “Campus dos Oficios”. This is a meeting hold every year in Agolada (Pontevedra), at the same time that a large exhibition of handmade products is hold. “Artesanía de Galicia” boosts both the exhibition and the meeting. This Agency helps Artisans and protects Craftmanship. It is part of the Regional Government

In this occasion, the meeting was focused on wood and its possibilities and it was held on July the 8th. The meeting included a large roundtable. Up to eleven relevant personalities on Craftsmanship, Design, University and Industry where present. The talk last more than three hours. It catched the attention of the public, who made lots of interesting and sometimes even polemic questions.

Seistag shared a book recently published. The text focuses on the natural and positive transition from Craftsmanship to Industry. The speaker of the Company pointed that artisan approach to product design is a valuable reference for industrials. Artisans understand the whole productive process and therefore are able to innovate easily. PRINTODECO Project is a good example of that potential, as it makes possible the designer to innovate in terms of surface design.