• enero 31, 2018

The 38th edition of FIMMA and MADERALIA takes place in Valencia between February 6 and 9, Two International Fairs happen at the same time. On the one hand, Machinery and Tools; and on the other hand that of Materials and Components. Both focus on Furniture, Carpentry and Decoration. The two fairs represent the main meeting within the sector at national level and overlap with CEVISAMA, another local Fair in the sector.

In the 2018 edition, the fair has 443 exhibitors. Among them is the LOGISIETE Group. The company will hold its convention at this fair and will explain its participation in the PRINTODECO project. With this action, the company demonstrates its commitment to adopt the latest technologies with the aim of increasing the possibilities of personalization of products based on decorative melamine boards.

In addition to the value of personalization, PRINTODECO contributes to reducing the inefficiencies derived from an offer characterized by the large number of references and the rapid obsolescence. During the fair, LOGISIETE will show the technological complexity of the melamine board and the possibilities that digital printing can bring to the sector. Thanks to this technology, it is possible a faster renewal of references, a broader range of catalogues, greater possibilities of personalization and a prominent role of the final user in the development of the design.

FIMMA MADERALIA represents an innovative context. It recognizes emerging issues such as mass customization and co-design. The fair has a busy schedule within which the PRINTODECO project will be shown on February the 5th.