PRINTODECO – the next step!

  • abril 30, 2018

The end of April had us enjoying a well organized and very personal presentation by TÓRCULO COMUNICACIÓN GRÁFICA, S.A.

It was time to present the next step in the PRINTODECO project and the company’s director and one of the project’s main driving forces, Mr. Jacobo Bermejo, made sure his guests were taken care of!

The evening started of with a presentation of PRINTODECO’s main goals and objectives. Judging by the looks on the faces of the nearly 100 guests who had gathered, interest was captured by an interesting outline of the project’s main results. The professionals from across the printing world were visibly impressed by the promise Digital Printing offers of printing alternative substrates like the project’s melamine decorative paper. As a main benefit, Mr. Bermejo outlined that digital printing will provide flexibility and personalized design to the boards. More interestingly, it will allow SMEs focussed on design and/or printing to enter the decorative board market. Music to many of the graphic designers’ ears, present in the audience!

After another much applauded conference by José Luís Moro, Creative Director of Pinguïno Torreblanca, about new ways to use our sense of humor (if any!) in publicity, Tórculo’s new Indigo 12000 Digital Printer was presented. Guests were attended by the company’s personnel who patiently answered all questions about the impressive new printer.

The succes of the evening was sealed off by an energetic performance of a live band who had turned one of the offset printers into a very original stage! While enjoying a drink and of course some very tasty ‘tapas’, they’re seemed to be no doubt about it among the professsionals present: digital printing and decorative boards have a very promising future ahead of them!