• febrero 20, 2017
cosme data hub

COSME data hub is already available at the internet. It is a new website showing all the funded projects over a virtual map of Europe. Moreover, the web shows a brief review on the project objectives, partners and milestone. You can find details on PRINTODECO project at that website.

The project focused on self production of melamine decorative suraces by means of digital printing is included and mapped in the database of COSME data hub. The Project is among three other funded projects funded at Consumer Orientated Design first call. The other three funded projects are the following ones:

  • BETTAIR LAMP which aims for safer indoor environments by means of anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial demonstrated properties applied to indoor lamps.
  • BIOsenSHOES project, that will develop novel children footwear to monitor motor development and healthy life styles and,
  • VISAGE project, which is focused on developing a virtual sample generator for 3D textile design and virtual prototyping solution. The objective is the integration of production, cost calculation, sales and mobile interaction, for 3D sample preview of new fabric and yarn styles.

As there has been two calls for design based consumer goods, in total there are 10 successful stories involving 27 participating SMEs. You can get more information at COSME data hub. This data hub is part of the communication efforts of Enterprise European Network EEN.