• marzo 15, 2018

On February the 27th, the 4.0 commission of Cluster da Madeira hold its first meeting. The encounter took place at FEUGA installations in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia). During that afternoon, several companies of the wood industry shared their experience on TIC implementation within the wood industry.

There was SEISTAG among the participators, who included important local industries such as FINSA, BETANZOS HB or ALIUSPORTA. The technical coordinator of PRINTODECO Project give details on the COSME European Project to the all the companies interested on it.

All the Companies showed their interest on the introduction of innovative technologies in order to improve processes during the meeting. Artificial vision and collaborative robotics seem to be the most interesting technologies in order to improve competitiveness within the conventional industry.

Product innovation also catches the attention of the entrepreneurs, but this kind of development represents a different level of compromise, as market uptake is difficult to predict. For that reason PRINTODECO Project seemed interesting to many industrials who recognize the challenge of implementing an innovative productive process.