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Round table at CdC

On September the 15th the technical director of PRINTODECO Project has steered a roundtable about collaboration between design and industry. It took place in Santiago de Compostela, at the international cultural centre Cidade da Cultura. It was part of a meeting about design and industry organized by the Wood Industry Cluster and held every two years.

This roundtable gathered qualified representatives from three different fields. Tania Pichel, from Molduras del Noroeste, and Ana Hermida from Muebles Hermida represented manufacturing sector. Designers were also present: Xabier Rilo and Ricardo Tubío from Cenlitrosmetrocadrado and José Antonio Vázquez from Studio Nomad. Finally, two Spanish research centres took part: Vicente Cambra from AITEX and Montserrat Rodríguez from GAIN CIS MADEIRA.

The roundtable was based on fast interventions that answer to specific issues on the collaboration between professional and the opportunities of the sector. The technical director of PRINTODECO steered the dialogue. The debate was focused on problematic subjects in the design sector like trends, designers and markets. The meeting success to catch the attention of more than 60 professionals who were present at the meeting. The opportunity of personalization and new technologies allowing artisan production were present during the talk.


The partners of the Project know that reaching unexpected results is possible by means of sharing capabilities. That is why four companies decided to collaborate within PRINTODECO Project. Only by means of this collaboration is possible to develop the digital printing applied to melamine boards.

According to this idea, we celebrate the launching of WORTH. This is a Project designed to boost European SMEs. It counts with the support of EASME and COSME Program. It focuses on collaborations between designers, manufacturers and technicians. The objective of that collaboration is to develop innovative products that can reach market successfully.

WORTH will open to public on September the 18th. You can get further information at the website of the project.

In addition to this, we will have the opportunity to get information about the Project on September the 15th. It will be during the Journey on Design and Architecture organised by Cluster da Madeira de Galicia. That date the technical director of PRINTODECO Project will also steer a round table about collaboration between design and industry.

Customization website

The website for design customization was published in august 2017. This milestone has been reached punctually according to PRINTODECO Project work plan. It refers to deliverable D-2.3. The website offers three different tools for design customization:

  • The first one is called «be briant!«and it allows changing hue, saturation and brightness to a large selection of high quality patterns.
  • The second one is «go further!«. It makes possible to blend any colour over many different patterns provided by the website.
  • The last one is «customize!«. It has no limits as it allows to upload images and merge then over exiting patterns.

All the tools provided by the new website run over a list of high quality and large dimensions catalogue of designs. Those images are ready to be customized by the customer who just have to select the colour and tone he likes.

The website also provides a personal area to the customer. By means of this area, the user can design and store his creations. In order to reach the personal area, the customer should log in previously. Therefore, he should just provide an email address and verify not being a robot.

cosme data hub


COSME data hub is already available at the internet. It is a new website showing all the funded projects over a virtual map of Europe. Moreover, the web shows a brief review on the project objectives, partners and milestone. You can find details on PRINTODECO project at that website.

The project focused on self production of melamine decorative suraces by means of digital printing is included and mapped in the database of COSME data hub. The Project is among three other funded projects funded at Consumer Orientated Design first call. The other three funded projects are the following ones:

  • BETTAIR LAMP which aims for safer indoor environments by means of anti-pollutant and anti-bacterial demonstrated properties applied to indoor lamps.
  • BIOsenSHOES project, that will develop novel children footwear to monitor motor development and healthy life styles and,
  • VISAGE project, which is focused on developing a virtual sample generator for 3D textile design and virtual prototyping solution. The objective is the integration of production, cost calculation, sales and mobile interaction, for 3D sample preview of new fabric and yarn styles.

As there has been two calls for design based consumer goods, in total there are 10 successful stories involving 27 participating SMEs. You can get more information at COSME data hub. This data hub is part of the communication efforts of Enterprise European Network EEN.