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Printodeco video is up

Since November the 14th, the video of Printodeco is available at YouTube. The collaboration of all partners, and especially through the effort of Torculo and Seistag, made possible the video.

The video was recorded in summer 2018. It demonstrates the achievements of the Partnership of Printodeco Project. This is a collaborative project among four Spanish Companies. The project focused on reducing time to market of design products enabling enhanced possibilities for customization to the customers.

The video shows the way in which a designer can define a decorative pattern and, in just 48 hours, that design becomes a piece of furniture. This is possible thanks to the collaboration of technicians, printers, board makers and furniture makers. In order to make it happen, different resources are needed:

One of the tools is the catalog of ready to print designs. It is a printed booklet, but also a website which enables changing many parameters to the default images. By means of this, the customization possibilities are countless and the designer is not forced to start from scratch.

A second tool is a workflow, which compromises the whole Consortium. It ensures the quality of the images and also of the printing process. Special inks and papers are used and everything is done under special codes to ensure that the paper will fit the boards.

Thanks to the above-mentioned tools, making melamine boards and furniture with the printed paper is a standard process with no extra costs. Thanks to this, the offer of Printodeco can be cost-effective and therefore competitive in a huge market.

At Albura magazine

The last number of ALBURA magazine –JUNE 2018- shows many details of PRINTODECO Project. It offers a two-page review on the Project development, its objective and images of digital printing.
ALBURA is the local magazine published by CMD (Cluster da Madeira e o Deseño de Galicia) the organization composed of more than 50 associates from all over Galicia. It is a periodic publication supported by Xunta de Galicia and IGAPE.
PRINTODECO is a Project of Industry 4.0 named “Industry for Future”. The ALBURA article describes the Project objectives and gives basic details of new forms of production of fully customized products reducing the final costs. Digital printing gives huge possibilities of product personalization therefore ALBURA magazine focuses on the review of PRINTODECO.
According to ALBURA the innovation is the imagination of new products and new production processes. It is a sing of viability and the condition of any enterprise´s success. The full publication of ALBURA magazine can be downloaded at this link.

Scaling up the printing technology

As PRINTODECO Project moves ahead, new challenges appear. One of the examples is the up scaling the printing technologies. Most of the developments of PRINTODECO have been made using slow printing technologies. Those technologies allow technical development, but they do not support industrial scale exploitation.
Considering that, SEISTAG proposed testing high volume printing technologies during the summer of 2018. For that reason, the companies developed new trials using singlepass printers instead of multipass. TORCULO provided the tools needed to test both technologies: HP INDIGO for singlepass experiments (showed above) and large format plotters for singlepass (used up to the moment on PRINTODECO Project).
Singlepass technology is based on paper passing across a line of print heads, which is wide enough to cover the whole width of the paper. Meanwhile, multipass technology relies on a movable print head travelling across the paper. The first system represents a big investment, but it reaches very high productivity and therefore low productive costs. The second technology is much cheaper in terms of investment, but represents higher costs per square meter and could not supply the amounts of printed-paper that might be demanded by the melamine board industry.

Five years old

In 2018, SEISTAG will be five years old. The company is celebrating and wants to thank the PRINTODECO Partners for their trust and wisdom on wood… It has been a great opportunity for SEISTAG to share a European Project with five star companies such as TORCULO, LOGISIETE, and LOSAN. This collaboration has helped SEISTAG to make great leaps forward.
In addition to the inspiration provided by the project partners, SEISTAG wants to acknowledge the European Agency for SMEs for its support since the PRINTODECO Project was rewarded the grant in 2016. Many things would not have been possible without its help.
As a result, SEISTAG reached many recognitions over the last years. In 2015, the company was recognized as “Innovative SME” by the National Ministry for Economy. In 2016, the Regional Government awarded SEISTAG with the “silver label” of Innovative Companies: occupying the 13th position in terms of innovative activity in Galicia. In 2017, the well-known Ardán Business Data Base included SEISTAG in the category of “Gazelle Company” because of three consecutive years of turnover expansion. Today, in 2018, SEISTAG is happy and prouod to be shortlisted the Financial Times as one of the 1000 fastest growing European Companies.
These achievements have been made possible thanks to the company personnel. Their ambition, professionalism and effort enabled SEISTAG to reach the current position. So, Thanks to all!


Thanks to PRINTODECO project, TORCULO and LOGISIETE have worked together to maximize processes synchronization. Both Companies share a highly organized internal organisation. PRINTODECO takes advantage of that background to define a shared workflow, which starts at the orders website.

Both Companies have reached a highly structured workflow, and both ought to renew its offer very often. From one side is TORCULO, which deals with over 100 work orders per day, most of them under 300 €. This stream of low cost work needs a high level of automatization and efficiency to be profitable. For example, TORCULO has made changes into the budgetary tool to be more flexible during PRINTODECO Project.

From the other side LOGISIETE, which delivers its products within the first 24 hours. This is a major commercial value for its customers, but it makes necessary to standardize and manage stocks with a high level of accuracy. During PRINTODECO, execution LOGISIETE has also made improvements into its internal tools, allowing scalability and better communication with customers, providers and third parties.


Digitally printed melamine boards would not be possible without the help of high tech SMEs such as Imatia, Inkromatic and Parqueweb. PRINTODECO partners started cooperation with those companies in 2015. They provided technological support and advice based on their prior experience. The collaboration was based on a Research and Development Project boosted by CDTI. CDTI is the Spanish Agency for Industrial and Technological Development.

Imatia is a SME specializes in rapid software development for companies and public administrations. In addition to serving as a basis for customer software development, Imatia offers this technology to companies or departments that want to develop high-quality application, either for internal use or for distribution.

Inkromatic is a SME focused on ink supply and technical support to inkjet printing. They take part in major shows such as CPRINT in Madrid. They are one of the major suppliers in the northwest of Spain.

Parqueweb is a SME developing on purpose software. They have large experience with e-commerce tools. They also provide technical support to PRINTODECO Project. Note that the customization tool of the project was developed with the collaboration of SEISTAG and Parqueweb.

The collaboration with these SMEs helps PRINTODECO to resolve many technological problems and receive qualified support of professionals.