The things to come

  • octubre 13, 2016

Milan is the head city for fashion and trends in Europe and probably in the entire world. Milan is also a hub for fashion industry, and that means furniture, clothing, graphics, etc. Design in present both in the culture and in the industry of the city. In fact design culture supports many famous meetings, all of them focused on creative industries. It is the case of the well-known “Milan fashion week”, “Milan design week” and “Salone del Mobile de Milano”.

In this collection of worldwide famous events related to design, there is also place for the industry of digital printing: InPrint. Around Milan and the lake of Como there is a solid industry of decorative printing. It is the place where new trends on décor papier are cooked, and it is also the region where the highest added value products are produced. Therefore, in this area it is possible to find innovations such as digital printing for melamine boards. The local industry supplies all the elements needed to start production: from inks and printers to paper and designs.

The InPrint meeting is hold between the 15th and 17th of November, but the days before the event are the best time to get fresh information on the things to come. For that reason and in the frame of PRINTODECO project, SEISTAG visited the city in October, between the 4th and the 5th. This visit was the result of previous contacts with local companies and give a very positive feedback to the project.