Transforming digital boards manually

  • noviembre 27, 2017

In October 2017, the first digitally printed melamine boards were presented in Brussels. The presentation took place within B2B learning exchange experience at Covent Garden Building. One month later, in November 2017, those boards feed the first experience of furniture making. The four Companies worked together in order to make possible this activity.

In order to transform raw melamine boards into furniture, two main operations ought to be made: cutting and edge banding. Cutting is usually made by a CAD/CAM tool. This is a robotic saw producing pieces that fit to the final dimensions. Edge banding is also an automatic process were a plastic band y fixed to the edge of the boards.

Although those operations are usually automatic, during PRINTODECO development ought to be made manually. By means of this it is possible to check the workability of the raw material. It also avoids failure within the innovative material that might cause damages to the expensive robotic tools for automatic cutting and edge banding.