• octubre 23, 2017

Coordinator of PRINTODECO, other partners of the projects selected under the COSME program and participants from European Commission had two days meeting in Brussels. This meeting took place in Cover Garden Auditorium on October 19th and 20th. At the event a large debate was held. During the first day of the meeting the building up on the discussion and exchange held on impact with the wider audience of COSME projects. Day two takes back the discussion to the Community of 10 projects to deepening on harvesting and impact.

The main attention was paid to an effective ´B2B learning exchange´ on market uptake and to a facility networking and synergies with other projects. PRINTODECO agreed with proposal to build a community of the projects. This community helps to get an insight on the scope of the individual projects and to provide information on the administrative and financial management of COSME projects. PRINTODECO shared information of the project monitoring, financial reporting and review.

Two principal actions decided to undertake as a result of the meeting were the followings: (i) ´B2B leaning exchange´ as market uptake project, (ii) ´B2B leaning exchange´ as managing the COSME design based consumer goods project.

The companies at the meeting showed interest in the project idea and main objectives of it.