• octubre 26, 2017

The technical coordinator of PRINTODECO Project shared the achievements of the Consortium within COSME networking event held in Brussels on 19th of October 2017. This meeting focused on the digitally printed boards and its possibilities to convert in an emerging alternative for imprinting of melamine decorative paper.

During the presentation, people attending to the meeting had access to digitally printed boards. In addition to this the make of process was shown by means of sharing white paper, printed paper, resin impregnated paper and raw boards (chipboards and MDF).

By sharing this material made possible to understand the productive process and the challenges of the project: low prices and large scale married with high technology to reach a huge market. During the presentation, the public could get their copy of the book showing PRINTODECO advances. In addition to the book, flyers and catalogues of the Project were available for the people interested on PRINTODECO. Another technical material shared with the public were the colour management proofing process.

The meeting succeed to catch the attention of the participances and to demonstrate the evident advantages of digital printing. In addition, it has been identified that the products obtained from PRINTODECO project will allow a high customization rate, a considerable time to market and production cost reduction, as well as a high business model replicability rate and the increase of market share.