Brussels meeting

  • mayo 1, 2016

Coordinators of the projects selected under the COSME program met in Brussels on Monday the 25th of April. It was a large meeting from 10:00 to 17:00. Bad weather and problems at the airport did not prevent the normal development of the meeting.

The session was hold at Covent Garden building in Brussels. It was an opportunity to get direct information from COSME, the EASME program for SMEs. During the talk, all the presents agree about the compromise of boosting small and medium sized companies and also shifting creative economy in the EU.

The meeting made possible to share objectives and experiences between innovative European companies. We learned that the EASME program only selected four projects, although the total number of solicitudes reached 27.

According to kick-off meeting, TORCULO and SEISTAG held the representation of PRINTODECO project. SEISTAG explained the PRINTODECO project by means of a presentation where main technical and economic data where showed. The companies at the meeting showed interest in the project idea and the main objectives of it.