kick-off meeting

  • marzo 17, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text animation=»fadeInUp»]The kick-off meeting of Printodeco project was hold on Thursdays 17th of march at 10:00. The four companies met at Leader´s facilities in Santiago de Compostela.

At the meeting both administrative and technical issues were discussed. Main attention was paid to market exploitation possibilities, implementation costs and replicability of the value proposal.

The actions decided to undertake as a result of the kick-off meeting were the followings:

  • It was created a commission to prepare the project presentation at the meeting to be held on April 25 in Brussels. It was stablished Torculo and Seistag to be part of it.
  • In order to motivate the efforts of the partners, an intermediate objective was set up. The first production of custom melamine boards will be held after the summer. Torculo will develop the design, Losan will print and produce the boards, and Logisiete will test that product in operational environment.
  • With that objective in mind, an operative meeting was set on April 4th. It will be hold at Logisiete facilities, being Seistag part of it. The objective of that encounter will be to identify technical requirements for the future intermediate products (formats, materials, quality, costs, etc.) and market advice to the designers at the beginning of the value chain.
  • The definition of the project´s web site was agreed by all the consortium members. The execution was assessed to Seistag. It was also decided trying to launch that site before project´s presentation at Brussels.