coordination at final-user´s facilities

  • abril 4, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]According to the actions decided at kick-off meeting, a meeting was hold on Monday 4th of April at 9:00. Therefore, Logisiete and Seistag met at the facilities owned by the first in Navarra.

At the meeting technical and market issues were discussed. Main attention was paid to understand the possibilities of new technology in order to: (i) add value of the final products and (ii) reduce costs and simplify the production process.

Actions decided to undertake as a result of the meeting were the followings:

  • The technical managers within each company were defined. The different working areas were: (i) design, trends and markets; (ii) informatics and design management; (iii) technical production requirements and operational implementation responsible.
  • During the meeting, the technical definition of the melamine panels to be produced in 2016 was set up. A two steps implementation was agreed fixing the standard for 2016.
  • A channel for collaboration was created in order to identify the final-customers interest. Graphic information was interchanged between the companies.
  • In relation to the development of customization technology, the three phases were defined fixing dead-lines for every single step of development.