Get inspired… landscape

  • julio 5, 2016
digital pattern using NASA images

In the search of newness for melamine boards, creatives at PRINTODECO have found inspiration in unexpected patterns such as aerial landscapes of Antartica and satellite photos from the moon.

Digital printing shortens time to market of new products, specially when there are high resolution images available. Thats the situation with NASA and USGS. Both institutions provide high quality free images of the earth and the moon. Using that pictures the creatives of PRINTODECO have prepare some new references: abstract patterns made with aerial and satellite pictures.

From the planes of Talikaman landscape to the irregular cracks of the ice in the Antartica, the landscape becomes a decorative pattern by means of digital manipullation. Therefore, the pictures ought to be transformed. Firstable the images are transformed into endless images. Then they are edited to look as an abstract pattern. The result are beautiful, and also huge images with more than 100Mb.